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Setting limits (ulimit) for the system

21/1/2010 (quinta-feira)

The limits can be set for all users or for specific users changing the /etc/security/limits.conf file.


Shift+PgUp on gnome-terminal with screen

20/12/2009 (domingo)

I was tryaging some old bugs I submitted to debian, and I found one that bothers me till now: Shift+Pg didn’t worked on gnome-terminal with screen. It did worked with xterm, and this is why I thought it was a bug, and not a feature suggestion.

I just closed the bug after reading a suggestion from the screen maintainer, to add this code from /etc/screenrc in .screerc:

# To get screen to add lines to xterm's scrollback buffer, uncomment the
# following termcapinfo line which tells xterm to use the normal screen buffer
# (which has scrollback), not the alternate screen buffer.
termcapinfo xterm|xterms|xs|rxvt ti@:te@

How to correct Emacs23 minibuffer in XMonad

11/11/2009 (quarta-feira)

In XMonad, when I start Emacs23, the minibuffer is very big:

Full-screen Emacs

To correct it to use just one line, you must split the window vertically with another window:

Split screen emacs

Then, when you make Emacs full screen again, the minibuffer will use only one line.

Using when with multiple files

11/11/2009 (quarta-feira)

when is a very nice perl program to keep track of appointments. I wanted to use more than one file as the input of when, so I made this make script:

#!/usr/bin/make -f

calendar = $(HOME)/.when/calendar

.PHONY: all
all: $(calendar)
when --nopaging

$(calendar): $(wildcard $(HOME)/.when/calendars/*.when)
cat $^ > $@

Match-Anything Pattern Rules

14/10/2009 (quarta-feira)

libwnck package for sid

20/6/2008 (sexta-feira)

I’ve done a package for the correction of the libwnck bug to sid. It’s available at Debian Mentors and at my Home Page.

chroot locale

20/6/2008 (sexta-feira)

I’ve done a sid chroot in my lenny system, and to get UTF-8 working in it, I just had to install locales package and reconfigure it with dpkg-reconfigure.


16/6/2008 (segunda-feira)

When XMonad was used with GNOME, through EwmhDesktops and the last window was destroyed, it would not be deleted from the window list and from the workspace switcher. This bug report explains the situation. To correct it, I’ve made a patch to libwnck’s screen.c, which was applied in the SVN version of this file. I’ve done a package for Ubuntu Hardy Heron and other for Debian Etch with a corrected version of this library.