Google Summer of Code

It’s kind of late now to talk about this, but I was accepted as a Student in the Google Summer of Code student. My project is about making the binaries produced by GHC faster by improving its Garbage Collector algorithm. I’ll implement the techniques described in the Immix Garbage Collector.  It’ll be great to work on GHC, specially in the RTS, and to produce code that can contribute to a wide number of users, like the users of darcs, XMonad, pandoc and other softwares built with GHC.

I’ll be blogging here about the status of my project.  Coding starts at May 24th, until then I’ll read the GHC source code documentation and experimenting with performance measurements using Criterion in a system with no daemons enabled.

Good Summer to everyone.


Uma resposta to “Google Summer of Code”

  1. alpmestan Says:

    I will work on the LLVM backend for the GSoC, so I guess we will have the occasion to test each other’s work ;)

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