Hi Debian Planet!

Hi Debian Planet!

Finally I became a Debian Developer on saturday. Some time after that I sent my first e-mail @debian.org, and today I uploaded my first package: haskell-qio, a sponsored upload for Iain Lane.

I’d like to thanks everyone that have helped me in the process:

  • Joachim Breitner: for being my sponsor, telling me to look into NM, advocating me in NM and DM, helping me with packaging and other things.
  • Gustavo Noronha: for advocating me in DM, helping me with packaging and agreeing that packaging is not an easy to learn task.
  • Enrico Zini: for being a very nice to work with and helpful AM.
  • Marcelo Vieira: for the chats about the process, which made it pass faster.
  • Ianá Costa de Andrade: for not complaining too much about me spending the whole day in the computer, and for all support and encouragement.
  • Marina Gontijo Andrade: for existing.
  • Wagner Meira and Fernando Pereira: for allowing me to work on Debian and giving me a scholarship for it.
  • Thadeu Cascardo and Samuel Vale: for giving me a Debian-related job which made me study about the system.

I’m absolutely sure I’m forgetting about someone, but I’m also sure I’ll never remember everyone and I’ll always have this sensation.  Being a Debian Developer is something I wanted for a long time, and I’m very happy to have made it now.

Currently I’m working mostly in the Debian Haskell Group.  These days I’m checking if it’s possible to make ghci be built in all architectures, and trying to make the newer versions of ghc6, from sid (6.10.4-1) and experimental (6.12.1-4), build in ia64, hurd-i386 and m68k.  Any help is welcome.

By the way, while I was reading the instructions to migrate some things to the new account, I’ve not paid very much attention that I should only change the submitter of the unarchived e-mail, and I made a script, which I posted on the wiki, to change it for all the bugs.  Neil Williams commented that this was not necessary, and Sandro Tosi pointed that I could have done this using only one mail to do all commands.  Yves-Alexis Perez said that even with the unarchived bug this may not be a good idea, because of the generated noise. So I update the script in the wiki, following these tips, thanks for them.  Special thanks for Jimmy Klapowitz, who was nice and supportive in a moment people were not being very nice to me.  Sorry for the maintainers that received a lot of e-mails because of this, specially to the people who sign the pkg-haskell-maintainers mailling list, which received the biggest ammount of mail.


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