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Configuring Evolution after building from git

21/7/2009 (terça-feira)

After building from git, the following command is necessary to avoid lock problems in local mail boxes, when evolution-data-server was built with –prefix=$dir and installed as a user.

# chown root:mail $dir/libexec/camel-lock-helper-1.2
# chmod ug+s $dir/libexec/camel-lock-helper-1.2

Adding an Accelerator to a GtkImageMenuItem in glade-3

21/7/2009 (terça-feira)

To add an accelerator to a GtkImageMenuItem, you must:

  • Create the accelerator for the signal in the GtkImageMenuItem: Common -> Accelerators.
  • Create an accelerator group in the GtkImageMenuItem: General -> Accel Group
  • Set the window to use this accelerator. In GtkWindow: General -> Accel Groups.